The Miami Sports Tribune was founded in August 2007 by J.T. Wilcox and Charles Bethel Jr.

It began humbly, as an interactive webpage and message board on MySpace, and grew into a full-fledged online sports publication.

As the MST expanded, the publication earned credentials to cover high school, college and pro sports in South Florida – becoming a prime source for South Florida high school sports news and a growing presence on the University of Miami Hurricanes beat.

In 2010, the Miami Sports Tribune slowed its independent operations as founders Wilcox and Bethel were earmarked and pursued to contribute to other publications – taking with them many of the ideas and ideals that made MST a multimedia force.

Years later, the Miami Sports Tribune was awakened and rebooted by Wilcox – seeing a genuine need in the South Florida sports media market for an unbiased, honest, fair, informative and entertaining publication.

MST was rebooted in December 2017 and officially relaunched January 2018 with a new website, new social media accounts and new additions to its staff.

Co-founder Bethel returned to his post of Senior Photographer and while talented videographer and graphic artist Chris Fodde was named Creative Director.

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