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Heritage’s Schwartz Sets Record, Northwestern Girls, Aquinas Boys Win At Sam Burley Invitational

One of the great things about track and field is that has the best of both worlds: team success is celebrated but single performances can take over a meet and captivate crowds.

While Miami Northwestern’s girls and St. Thomas Aquinas’ boys teams each earned team championships at the annual Sam Burley Invitational, it was the individual performance of Plantation American Heritage’s Anthony Schwartz that had the crowd buzzing at Tropical Park Saturday night.

Schwartz, who signed with the University of Auburn on National Signing Day this past month, set meet and state records with the 10.13 time he ran in the 100-meter dash. Schwartz already held the recorded for the fastest time in the 100-meter at the Pepsi Florida Relays in March 2017 with a 10.15 time but shaved .02 off his best time Saturday night.

Schwartz beat out fellow South Florida speedster Tyrese “Smoke” Cooper (Miami Norland), who finished second in the 100-meters with a 10.34 time – which would have also been a meet record if he had won. American Heritage’s Tyson Campbell, who signed to play football at the University of Georgia, finished third at 10.39.

Schwartz also took home the 200-meter dash title, dusting the competition with a 20.47 time – another meet record. Cooper took second again (20.88), while Columbus’ Tyler Harrell finished third at 21.05.

Northwestern girls got back to their winning ways Saturday night. The nine-consecutive time defending state champions bounced back from a third-place finish in the Louie Bing Classic a few weeks ago to rack up a tournament-high 131 points.

The Lady Bulls edged out St. Thomas Aquinas’ girls, who won the Louie Bing. The Raiders took second with 120 points while Plantation American Heritage took third with 82 points.

Northwestern junior thrower Alyssa Richard won the shot put (42-feet, 7-inches) and the discus (123-feet, 4-inches) giving the team 20 points. The Bulls got an addition 16 points in the same events thanks to senior Chanel Dawson finishing second behind her teammate.

Sophomore Markalah Hart won the 100-meter hurdles – and came in third in the 300-meter hurdles – for the Bulls, while Northwestern took second in the 400- and 1,600-meter relays.

St. Thomas Aquinas kept it close because it got impressive individual performances from athletes Zatoria Thompson – who won the high jump (5-feet, 9.75-inches) and came in second in the 100- and 200-meter dashes – and senior Imani Christian, who won the 300-meter hurdles.

Aquinas freshman Eddiyah Frye won the long jump with a leap of 18-feet, 3-inches and finished second behind Hart in the 100-meter hurdles.

Mater Academy had two of its young runners flash their potential with freshman Jinah Mickens-Malik winning the 800-meter run and sophomore Valerie Lastra winning the 1,600-meter run.

American Heritage’s relay teams took home the 400-meter and 800-meter races while Patriots freshman Sherri-Ann Norton won the 100-meter dash with an 11.79 time.

The boys’ side was much closer.

St. Thomas Aquinas finished with 90 points to win its title, ahead of Piper (71) and Northwestern (62).

Similar to the road it took to win the Louie Bing title in February, Aquinas accumulated most of its points through athletes earning points within the top eight and only a small handful of event winners.

Raiders senior Jermaine Byrd won the 110-meter hurdles; junior Matthew Farrell cleared 12-feet to win the pole vault; and senior Dejmi Dumervil-Jean won the shot put with a throw of 49-feet, 11.25-inches.

St. Thomas got 14 points from brothers Grayson and Coleman Crozier, who finished second and third respectively in the discus; another 12 points from third place finishes in the 400- and 800-meter relays; and 12 collective points from Byrd taking third in the 300-meter hurdles and Nicholas Rischar finishing third in the 3,200-meter run.

Northwestern senior hurdler Thomas Burns, the younger brother of Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback and Artie Burns, won the 300-meter hurdles – winning the race with a 36.97 time, more than a full second ahead of the second-place finisher.

Cooper won the 400-meter run – his other signature event – before going down with what appeared to be a groin injury.

Norland’s Nadab Joseph narrowly beat out Belen Jesuit’s Don Chaney Jr. to win the high jump while Belen senior Joshua Collins won the 1,600-meter run.


Girls Team Results

1. Miami Northwestern 131, 2. St. Thomas Aquinas 120, 3. Plantation American Heritage 82, 4. Oakland Park Northeast 49, 5. Mater Academy 36, 6. Coral Reef 32.5, 7. Orlando Windermere 31.5, 8. Braddock 20.

Girls Results

100M: 1. Sherri-Ann Norton (AMH) 11.79, 2. Zatoria Thompson (STA) 11.93, 3. Kaytie Black (NE) 12.09. 200M: 1. Jan’Taijah Ford (NE) 23.95, 2. Zatoria Thompson (STA) 24.44, 3. Myrka Cadet (AMH) 24.80. 400M: 1. Jermecia Brown (STA) 55.50, 2. Daneisha Woodside (NE) 55.50, 3. Kenya Thompson (AMH) 55.95. 800M: 1. Jinah Mickens-Malik (MAT) 2:13.10, 2. Paola Bencosme (BRAD) 2:19.22, 3. Marjury Rodriguez (MAT) 2:19.74. 1,600M: 1. Valeria Lastra (MAT) 5:00.34, 2. Natalie Varela (GUL) 5:10.30, 3. Bridget Alex (STA) 5:11.30. 3,200M: 1. Rylee Pustilnik (BSR) 11:00.91, 2. Jordan Shapiro (PAL) 11:14.48, 3. Maria Fernandez (DA) 11:21.18. 400M Relay: 1. Plantation American Heritage 46.44, 2. Northwestern 46.63, 3. Coral Reef 48.32. 800M Relay: 1. Plantation American Heritage 3:49.37, 2. Northwestern 3:50.80, 3. St. Thomas Aquinas 3:51.53. 1,600M Relay: 1. Mater Academy 9:27.36, 2. Northwestern 9:31.12, 3. Braddock 9:50.89. 100M Hurdles: 1. Markalah Hart (NW) 14.20, 2. Eddiyah Frye (STA) 14.23, 3. Asia McMillion (AMH) 14.80. 300M Hurdles: 1. Imani Christian (STA) 43.22, 2. Asia McMillion (AMH) 43.29, 3. Markalah Hart (NW) 44.23. High Jump: 1. Zatoria Thompson (STA) 5-09.75, 2. Anais Sheeres (STA) 5-03.75, 3. Hannah Lowenstein (STA) 5-03.75. Pole Vault: 1. Alexandra Chlumsky (FMY) 10-00.75, 2. Lizt Del Castillo (FER) 9-00.25, 3. Kendyl Kerekes (STA) 9-00.25. Long Jump: 1. Eddiyah Frye (STA) 17-11, 2. Rayquel Berry (CR) 17-08.25, 3. Dascha Robinson (NW) 17-05.50. Triple Jump: 1. Rayquel Berry (CR) 38-07.50, 2. Dascha Robinson (NW) 38-07.25, 3. Saniah Fuller (OWP) 36-10.75. Shot Put: 1. Alyssa Richard (NW) 42-07, 2. Chanel Dawson (NW) 40-10, 3. Jayla Hill (MIR) 39-08. Discus: 1. Alyssa Richard (NW) 123-04, 2. Chanel Dawson (NW) 122-01, 3. Danielle Ficka (OWP) 116-09.

Boys Team Results

1. St. Thomas Aquinas 90, 2. Piper 71, 3. Miami Northwestern 62, 4. Miramar 55.5, 5. Columbus 54, 6. Belen Jesuit 43, 7. Norland 41, 8. Oakland Park Northeast 37.

Boys Results

100M: 1. Anthony Schwartz (AMH) 10.13, 2. Tyrese Cooper (NOR) 10.34, 3. Tyson Campbell (AMH) 10.39. 200M: 1. Anthony Schwartz (AMH) 20.47, 2. Tyrese Cooper (NOR) 20.88, 3. Tyler Harrell (COL) 21.05. 400M: 1. Tyrese Cooper (NOR) 46.40, 2. Jamal Walton (MIR) 46.77, 3. DaeQwan Butler (PIP) 47.39. 800M: Winston Quinn (NW) 1:55.31, 2. Tyree Simeon (NE) 1:55.83, 3. Josue Fils-Aime (NE) 1:55.84. 1,600M: 1. Joshua Collins (BEL) 4:20.04, 2. Sukeil Foucha (PIP) 4:25.38, 3. Cavan Wilson (CG) 4:25.55. 3,200M: 1. Cavan Wilson (CG) 9:20.06, 2. Joshua Collins (BEL) 9:22.13, 3. Nicholas Rishcar (STA) 9:30.37. 400M Relay: 1. Northwestern 41.48, 2. Columbus 41.61, 3. St. Thomas Aquinas 41.90. 800M Relay: 1. Columbus 1:25.73, 2. Piper 1:26.88, 3. St. Thomas Aquinas 1:27.22. 1,600M Relay: 1. Piper 3:17.51, 2. Northwestern 3:19.70, 3. Rickards 3:21.13. 110M Hurdles: 1. Jermaine Byrd (STA) 13.99, 2. Osaji Skyers (MIR) 14.27, 3. Torry Holmes (NW) 14.84. 300M Hurdles: 1. Thomas Burns (NW) 36.97, 2. Jabari Bryant (RICK) 38.21, 3. Jermaine Byrd (STA) 39.22. High Jump: 1. Nadab Joseph (NOR) 6-08, 2. Donald Chaney Jr. (BEL) 6-08, 3. Kimani Richards (NE) 6-04. Pole Vault: 1. Matthew Farrell (STA) 12-00, 2. Noah Bitter (FER) 11-06.25, 3. Eduardo Chavez (FER) 11-06.25. Long Jump: 1. Donte Gosier (NE) 21-09.50, 2. Robert Crockett (COL) 21-07.50, 3. Dyllion Lester (AMH) 21-07.25. Triple Jump: 1. Osaji Skyers (MIR) 45-08, 2. Jamahl Melvin (SD) 44-11.50, 3. Mosie Saby (HOM) 44-10.50. Shot Put: 1. Dejmi Dumervil-Jean (STA) 49-11.25, 2. Gary Cooper (COL) 49-04.25, 3. Te’Kari Woodcock (PIP) 49-00.25. Discus: 1. Jacob Lemon (FMY) 172-01, 2. Grayson Crozier (STA) 135-00, 3. Coleman Crozier (STA) 128-05.

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