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St. Thomas Aquinas Sweeps 34th Annual Louie Bing Classic

Like NASCAR’s does with the Daytona 500, South Florida kicks off its high school track season with a huge event at a storied venue.

In an event that hosts teams from both Miami-Dade and Broward County, it was St. Thomas Aquinas that stood out among the rest with its boys and girls taking home team titles at the 34th Annual Louie Bing Track Classic Saturday at Traz Powell Stadium.

Aquinas’ girls racked up an event-high 143 points to secure its tournament win. Despite the high point total, St. Thomas didn’t run away from the competition – Hallandale’s girls finished second with 134 points and Miami Northwestern’s girls were third with 99.5 points.

The Raiders boys totaled 93 points to win; finishing ahead of Miramar (73), Miami Southridge (60), and Christopher Columbus and Plantation American Heritage – who both finished with 50 points.

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St. Thomas’ girls methodically accumulated points during the two-day event. The Raiders only had first-place finishers in four events – the 100-meter dash, 800-meter relay, 1000-meter sprint relay and the high jump – but had one or more athletes earn points in nine other events.

Raiders sophomore Zatoria Thompson won the 100-meter dash (with a time of 11.90) and the high jump (clearing 5-feet, 8-inches). Thompson, who won the Class 4A state title in the high jump this past year, also finished second in the 200-meter dash to pile up a total of 28 points Saturday.

The high jump was a good event for St. Thomas’ girls – with Thompson winning the event and Hannah Lowenstein and Anaiis Sheeres finishing second and third respectively to rack up an additional 14 points.

St. Thomas Aquinas got another 14 points when juniors Jordan Harriott and Karly Colford tied for second place in the pole vault behind Miami Ferguson’s Lizt Del Castillo. Second place finishes in the 100-meter hurdles (Emelia Chatfield) and 300-meter hurdles (Imani Christian) also yielded 16 points for the Raiders.

Hallandale’s girls had a similar output in the long jump. Junior Destiny Castillo won the event with a 5.62-meter leap while Takira Williams (5.60 meters) and Correena Saintilmond (5.47 meters) placed second and third respectively.

Northwestern’s Chanel Dawson won a pair of events for the Lady Bulls – earning a total of 20 points by winning the shot put and the discus throw.

Also, sophomore Markalah Hart won the 100-meter hurdles and junior Dascha Robinson won the triple jump for Northwestern.

Aquinas Boys Manufacture Team Title

Like their female counterparts, St. Thomas Aquinas’ boys’ team manufactured a team championship at the Louie Bing Track Classic.

Aquinas only had one athlete win an event Saturday – senior Tavares Kelly, a University of Virginia football signee, won the long jump.

Beyond that, the Raiders manufactured their points by having athletes place within the top eight and to earn points in multiple events.

St. Thomas had three athletes – all football players – place in the 400-meter dash. Jovan Ferguson, Al Blades Jr., and Jamal Cooney took fourth through sixth respectively to earn a total of 12 points. Blades, a University of Miami signee, also finished fourth in the high jump.

Senior Nicholas Rischar finished second in the 3,200-meter run and fourth in the 1,600-meter run to earn 13 points; senior Jermaine Byrd took second in the 110-meter hurdles and third in the 300-meter hurdles for another 14 points; Dejmi Dumervil-Jean finished third in the shot put; Coleman Crozier took second in the discus; and junior Matthew Farrell finished second in the pole vault – tallying 24 points.

Aquinas’ relay teams also took third place in both the 800-meter relay and the 1,000-meter sprint relay.

The top individual performance came from Plantation American Heritage’s Anthony Schwartz. Schwartz, who signed to Auburn University on National Signing Day, won both the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes. Schwartz ran 10.33 in the 100-meter finals Saturday, slightly slower than the 10.15 he ran last March to set a new World Youth Record in the event.

Schwartz also ran 20.91 in the 200-meter – nearly a full second ahead of second place finisher, Miramar’s Jamal Walton.

Miramar’s boys, which finished second in the team standings, received points from Terrence Horne Jr. and Taylor Banks – who finished second and third respectively in the 100-meter dash.

Another record holder, Miami’s Norland Tyrese Cooper – who owns the freshman national record in the 400-meter dash – won his signature event Saturday with a time of 46.54. Cooper didn’t fare as well in his other top event, the 800-meter run. After finishing with the third fastest time during the prelims, Cooper received a “did not finish” during the finals.

Instead, Piper junior Sukeil Foucha won the 800-meter run.

Hallandale senior Milton Ingraham sent a message to the rest of South Florida that he should once again be among the top throwers in the state, convincingly winning the shot put (55-feet, 2-inches) and discus (189-feet, 1-inch).

Southridge’s Kameron Davis won the 110-meter hurdles; Hallandale’s Amari Johnson won the 300-meter hurdles; Belen Jesuit sophomore Don Chaney Jr. – a top football prospect – won the high jump; and Davie Western’s Jason Rotger won the pole vault with a jump of 13-feet, 6.25-inches.


Girls Team Results

1. St. Thomas Aquinas 149, 2. Hallandale 134, 3. Northwestern 99.50, 4. Plantation American Heritage 64, 5. Northeast 52, 6. Mater Academy 38, 7. Southridge 37, 8. Braddock 19, T9. Boca Raton Spanish River 18, T9. Killian 18.

100M: Z. Thompson (STA) 11.90; 2. K. Black (NE) 12.21; 3. M. Cadet (AMH) 12.26. 200M: B. Williams (NE) 23.77; 2. Z. Thompson (STA) 24.40; 3. J. Ford (NE) 24.55. 400M: J. Ford: (NE) 52.82; 2. D. Bess (AMH) 54.65; 3. K. Thompson (AMH) 54.83. 800M: J. Mickens-Malik (MAT) 2:14.22; 2. A. Gbolade (NW) 2:15.55; 3. D. Spann (HAL) 2:18. 1,600M: V. Lastra (MAT) 4:58.52; 2. R. Pustilnik (BRSR) 5:11.77; 3. V. House (STA) 5:20.45. 3,200M: R. Pustilnik (BRSR) 10:59.84; 2. J. Shapiro (MPAL) 11:12.94; 3. V. House (STA) 11:37.57. 400M relay: 1. Northeast 46.08; 2. Plantation American Heritage 46.31; 3. St. Thomas Aquinas 46.82. 800M relay: 1. St. Thomas Aquinas 1:41.48; 2. Killian 1:41.52; 3. Hallandale 1:43.03. 1,600M relay: Plantation American Heritage 3:45.13; 2. Hallandale 3:47.39; 3. Northwestern 3:50.87. 1,000M sprint relay: St. Thomas Aquinas 2:15.82; 2. Northwestern 2:16.78; 3. Killian 2:18.91. 100M hurdles: M. Hart (NW) 14.49; 2. E. Chatfield (STA) 14.58; R. Jones (SR) 14.59. 300M hurdles: R. Jones (SR) 42.78; 2. I. Christian (STA) 43.47; 33. A. Warner 43.77. High Jump: 1. Z. Thompson (STA) 5-8; 2. H. Lowenstein (STA) 5-04; 3. A. Sheeres (STA) 5-02. Pole Vault: L. Del Castillo (FER) 8-06; T2. J. Harriott (STA) 8-00; T2. K. Colford (STA). Long Jump: 1. D. Castillo (HAL) 18-05.25; 2. T. Williams (HAL) 18-04.5; 3. C. Saintilmond (HAL) 17-11.5. Triple Jump: D. Robinson (NW) 39.08; T. Williams (HAL) 38-03.5; 3. C. Saintilmond (HAL) 37-02.5. Shot Put: 1. C. Dawson (NW) 47-05; 2. A. Richard (NW) 42-02.75; 3. A. Heaven (HAL) 41-07.25. Discus: C. Dawson (NW) 132-08; 2. A. Heaven (HAL) 130-04; A. Richard (NW) 125.

Boys Team Results

1. St. Thomas Aquinas 93, 2. Miramar 73, 3. Southridge 60, T4. Plantation American Heritage 50, T4. Columbus 50, 6. Piper 48, 7. Hallandale 47, 8. Northeast 37, 9. Belen Jesuit 36, 10. Northwestern 35

Boys Results

100M: 1. A. Schwartz (AMH) 10.33; 2. T. Horne (MIR) 10.67; 3. T. Banks (MIR) 10.73. 200M: 1. A. Schwartz (AMH) 20.91; 2. J. Walton (MIR) 21.53; 3. J. Reese (BRAD) 21.96. 400M: 1. T. Cooper (NOR) 46.54; 2. P. Anderson (HAL) 47.70; 3. D. Butler (PIP) 49.10. 800M: S. Foucha (PIP) 1:55.52; 2. T. Simeon (NE) 1:56.05; 3. W. Quinn (NW) 1:57.119. 1,600M: J. Collins (BEL) 4:25.72; D. Fernandes (COL) 4:31.21; 3. C. French (BRSR) 4:34.38. 3,200M: 1. R. Szkalny (HC) 9:25.58; 2. N. Rishcar (STA) 9:36.22; 3. J. Collins (BEL) 9:40.89. 400M relay: Plantation American Heritage 40.31; 2. Miramar 40.72; 3. Northwestern 41.36. 800M relay: Columbus 1:26.70; 2. South Dade 1:28.85; 3. St. Thomas Aquinas 1:30.40. 1,600M relay: Piper 3:16.49; 2. Hallandale 3:17.92; 3. Miramar 3:21.53. 1,000M sprint relay: 1. Columbus 1:56.39; 2. South Dade 1:59.94; 3. Southridge 2:00.31. 110M hurdles: K. Davis (SR) 14.32; J. Byrd (STA) 14.38; W. Hinds (NE) 14.42. 300M hurdles: A. Johnson (HAL) 37.67; 2. K. Davis (SR) 38.17; 3. J. Byrd (STA) 39.61. High Jump: 1. D. Chaney (BEL) 6-10; 2. A. Foster (SR) 6-02; 3. K. Richards (NE) J6-02. Pole Vault: 1. J. Rotger (WST) 13-06.25; 2. M. Farrell (STA) 12-06; 3. M. Aparacio (BEL) 11-06.25. Long Jump: T. Kelly (STA) 21-09; 2. D. Lester (AMH) 21-07.5; 3. C. Black (MIR) 21-07.25. Triple Jump: O. Skyers (MIR) 43-03.25; 2. M. Bousignac (BA) 43-02.5; 3. M. Saby (HOM) 42-09. Shot Put: M. Ingraham (HAL) 55-02; 2. G. Cooper (COL) 46-11.5; 3. D. Dumervil-Jean (STA) 46-07.25. Discus: M. Ingraham (HAL) 189-01; 2. C. Crozier (STA) 133-02; A. Alvin (PPC) 132-07.

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